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Face, Skin, and Some other stuff of interest



I am happy that in my mid forties people still think I am too young to be a dentist.  Your face and skin do not lie, but you need to take care of yourself.  Aside from hiding from the sun, fish oil is great for you.  I understand that fish oil capsules can be not so tasty, so if you are looking for the best fit oil around, here it is.  You can actually drink this directly from the bottle and it comes in various flavors.  They also make a delicious and potent olive oil.

Ethical Alternative Products

If you are interested in natural products to help restore your body, please check out this site.  My uncle retired from pharmaceutical research and I guess he was bored so he figured out how to formulate these products so that the natural substances in them can perform at their optimum level.

Clearwater Farm

Clearwater Farm is a 100% volunteer-operated, non-profit organization in Onalaska, Wisconsin.  I love seeing their animal pictures on Facebook.  When most of the land in the area was being sold and turned into subdivisions, the buildings from this farm were preserved and opened to the public.  It is a functioning farm and has many educational programs.  My great-grandparents built this farm and it is where my grandmother grew up before she moved to Milwaukee.


Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant & Butik

If you are every in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, make sure you stop by here.  They have the best pancakes and there are goats on the roof.  There are many cities to visit and things to do in Door County, but this was always my favorite.


Rhodes Academy of Irish Dance

So this is where I take Irish Dance lessons.  I always wanted to take dance lessons and Sara Rhodes Zimmerman is the best instructor.  They have class just for adults and any level is welcome.


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